Re-Elected: 25% More Votes than 2006

I am deeply grateful for the overwhelming support I received this election from both voters and volunteers. It is a tremendous honor to be entrusted with the responsibility of setting policy for Hawaii’s public education and library systems.

After observing my student-focused leadership on the State Board of Education for the past four years, 102,845 Oahu voters cast a vote for me.

Despite the detraction of a half million-dollar campaign to wipe out an elected BOE, despite the highly publicized assault on education-funding and the resulting furloughs, despite the 53% decrease in votes cast in the BOE Oahu-at-Large race since 2006 – I received more than 25% additional votes this year, than when I first won election in 2006.

In an election year that found incumbents facing difficult challenges, this significant gain represents a clear affirmation that voters are pleased with my service on the BOE.  This positive evaluation is very meaningful to me.

I look forward to working collaboratively with Governor-Elect Abercrombie and the Legislature to put the best interest of Hawaii's students first.

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